A Prayer for When Life Is Splitting Apart

By Rev. David Long-Higgins  •  August 27, 2020

I have often found that prayers are hidden in the sights and sounds which are all around us —especially in the first Bible that is God's creation. They often evoke an awareness of movements deep within that part of us that we call the soul. Sometimes that awareness evokes words that have enough space for the spirit to move outward from the heart. So this prayer — and others like it — have been written first on my heart and then have taken form on the page. The prayers, which have been coming through me in these days, have been gifts to me more than products from me. As such, I have felt a responsibility to share them for whatever way they may be helpful to others. They come in phrases meant to be pondered in the same way one might engage Lectio Divina (a way of reading meditatively) — one phrase at a time — with space to pause. I have often found the pause, the space between the words, to be the space of a holy encounter beyond words.

Because I am drawn to the visual, especially as captured through the lens of my camera, I have found that these prayers often have a photographic partner. Sometimes, the photo inspires prayer, and at other times, prayer searches out the photo (of which I have more than 10,000 — thank you, iPhone.) I find that both have a way of speaking to my life, often in surprising ways.

This photo of a split tree, taken at a nearby park, reminded me of that experience of life where, despite one's relative youth, there are things that break us open. But the breaking is not the end. All things are held in the creative embrace of the Holy One, who is love all the time (my preferred way of referring to God). Sometimes, life may have dismembered us in some way. The prayer seeks a remembering — a healing that takes all that is broken and fashions a new wholeness, not of our own making.

I hope that in some way this prayer will cultivate in your heart and mind space for God's holy love to heal and form you from the inside out.

A Prayer for When Life Is Splitting Apart=

-DMLH August, 2020

Re-member me, O Love,

  For the soul-splitting scenes

  Of the inhumane

  Foster a forgetfulness

  Of the gift you offer

  In every moment

  Every breath

  Every pause

  That carries the cosmos.


Re-member me, O Love,

  For the fragments

  Of a world exploding

  In selfishness and fear

  Often penetrate my heart

  My thinking and my life.


Re-member me, O Love,

  And take the yearning

  Of my heart and mind

  And fashion in me a yes

  To your yes,

  Too beautiful to ignore

  Too strong to reject

  Too lovely to deny.


Re-member me, O Love,

  And form in me

  Your new creation

  Joined by your

  Ligament of love

  To the body of

  Of the world.


Yes, re-member me, O Love,

  That I may remember You

  And discover again and again

  Your power to make

  All things new.



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Rev. David Long-Higgins

Rev. David Long-Higgins the transitional conference minister at Heartland Conference, United Church of Christ. He currently serves on the United Church Homes Board of Directors.

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