About Reverend Jessica Tinkham

Reverend Jessica Tinkham (she/her/hers) is a chaplain for United Church Homes as well as a co-pastor for a MCC church in Dayton, Ohio. She and her husband have three children who keep them very busy. Rev Jessica graduated with her BA in Religion in 2010 from Wright State University and her Master of Divinity in 2019 from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. She loves traveling to the beach and the mountains and would love to see the Grand Canyon in person. Rev Jessica is creative and especially loves crocheting and hopes to learn how to quilt.

Recent Blog Posts

That’s Not Fair!

By Reverend Jessica Tinkham  •  October 19, 2023

At only four years old my son has recently learned to say, “that’s not fair!” It must be his new favorite phrase because he says it quite often. When I say that it is..

I Won’t Miss School Drop-offs

By Reverend Jessica Tinkham  •  August 31, 2023

Summer break is over and it is time for the kids to return to school. It is the time of year to get back into the routine of school drop offs, after schools’ band..

You Have Permission…To be Angry in the Moment

By Reverend Jessica Tinkham  •  June 22, 2023

I must admit that I didn’t know how to start writing for today. Learning to give myself permission to be angry is part of my daily practice of giving myself permission..

The Gift of Unexpected Clarity

By Reverend Jessica Tinkham  •  June 01, 2023

I could make a mile-long list of reasons that I love practicing ministry as a healthcare chaplain in an environment where most of the older adults I minister to are..

Zombies in the Bible

By Reverend Jessica Tinkham  •  April 20, 2023

Earlier this month I was leading Good Friday service at the small church that I pastor. I wanted the service to feel different than a typical Sunday morning service. I..