By Lisa Thomas  •  December 22, 2022

This past July 4th, our son, daughter-in-law, and our grandchildren Isabell and Jami came for a visit. We had a lovely time going to the zoo, visiting the lake, and hiking, as well as plenty of quiet time, talking and reading together.

During one of those quiet times after I had finished reading a book to 7-year-old Isabell, we began to chat. As Isabell would be starting 2nd grade soon, I asked her what she thought 2nd grade would be like. She thought for a second and with a huge smile and dancing eyes replied, “Magical!”

I loved that answer! Clearly, Isabell was in a time of expectant waiting for second grade to begin. I loved that, in her period of expectant waiting, her big brown eyes saw the promise and hope that a new school year held. The promise of continuing to learn to read is, of course, a magic all its own. The promise of seeing old friends and making new ones – another kind of magic.

Waiting Like a Child

As Advent is drawing to a close, we too are in a time of expectant waiting. We wait to see out-of-town family. We wait to attend the quietly beautiful Christmas Eve service. We wait to see the joy on children’s or spouses’ faces when they open a well-chosen gift. And every year, we expectantly wait to hear the mysterious and awe-inspiring story of Christ’s birth.

For myself, I want to wait for the birth of the Christ child like Isabell has waited for 2nd grade. I want to wait with hope and enthusiasm and with bright shining eyes, knowing that the 2000-year-old story of shepherds and stars, of angels and mangers, and of mothers and fathers and babies is truly magical.


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Lisa Thomas

Lisa is a retired registered nurse. Most of her career was spent as a parish nurse to several churches as well as parish nurse to the United Church of Christ National Office in Cleveland. She currently lives with her husband John in Westlake and has two grown children.

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