About Rev. Beth Rodenhouse

Rev. Beth Rodenhouse served in parish ministry for eight years and chaplaincy for five years. She currently serves as chaplain at Pilgrim Manor, a United Church Homes community in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is part of the ministry of the United Church of Christ.

Recent Blog Posts

Learning Life Lessons at the Knees of the Dying

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  November 01, 2018

This blog is the second in a series of reflections from the 3rd annual Symposium with Dr. Ira Byock on October 12, 2018, Abundant Aging Through the End of Life.

Good Death

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  October 04, 2018

Good death. Isn’t that an oxymoron? Can death ever be good? When I asked a fellow pastor, he said, “Absolutely not. Death is the opposite of life; it’s an enemy.” That’s..

Moving to an Assisted Living Community

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  August 30, 2018

No one ever dreams of moving into an assisted living community. People plan on retirement and often plan on living in their homes until their death. But then an accident..

People First: Residents Living with Dementia

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  August 09, 2018

I have attention deficit disorder and high blood pressure. I do not want people to introduce me as an ADD and high blood pressure chaplain. My mother developed vascular..

Aging Hero: Lottie Allen, Graceful One

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  June 21, 2018

When I grow up, I want to be like Lottie Allen.

Humble Heroes: Thumbs Up for AARP's 2018 Movies for Grownups Award Winner 'Dunkirk'

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  April 16, 2018

In the past, I didn't consider myself a war movie enthusiast. But that was before I became a chaplain in a retirement community where I host a monthly veteran’s group...

Spirituality of Gratitude

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  March 09, 2018

When I was a new pastor visiting congregational members in the hospital, I was surprised when some would deny pain or brush aside comfort. Instead, they would say, “I’m..

Wow! The Spirituality of Wonder

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  February 15, 2018

I was driving home last week and was awestruck by a winter sunset. My breath hitched and I gasped, “Wow!” as my eyes traced the purple, orange and pink clouds swirling..

People We Lean On

By Rev. Beth Rodenhouse  •  December 04, 2017

Is thanksgiving only a day? Just one week after Thanksgiving, Christmas lights, Christmas lists and Christmas music are here. But thanksgiving is not only a day...