About Rev. Kenneth Daniel

Rev. Dr. Kenneth V. Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of United Church Homes joined the organization in 2011. Over the past 30 years, Rev. Daniel has worked in a variety of leadership positions in senior living, healthcare and housing services, and as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Radiant Alliance, a non-profit collaboration which includes United Church Homes and Metta Healthcare. An ordained United Church of Christ minister, Rev. Daniel holds Fellow status with the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Recent Blog Posts

Advent Light

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  December 07, 2023

Advent was an important time in our family. I am an only child, so my memories are about small gatherings. Our church prepared a series of weekly meditations for..

Ageism, Like Growing a Beard, Catches Up with Us All Eventually

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  October 05, 2023

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t grow a decent beard. I was in my 20’s and entered my senior year of seminary hoping to land my first job as a pastor. A friend offered to..

You Have Permission To…Be Curious

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  July 20, 2023

As kind of a science fiction nerd, I have an innate attraction to outer space. When I was a kid, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was released. This film revolutionized..

Abundant Grace in an Unforgiving World

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  April 06, 2023

United Church Homes’ recently launched a new software enterprise management system. Everything we thought we once knew how to do competently and quickly has been turned..

Maturing through Selection, Elimination & Emphasis

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  January 05, 2023

Within a week of starting a seminary internship in Minneapolis, I was packed into a van with a youth group on an adventure to Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. Going from the big..

Abundant Life and Biimaadiiziiwiin—A Multicultural Belief

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  July 21, 2022

As an unrepentant liberal arts major, I am often drawn to various esoteric topics across a broad range of interests. This may be part of why a friend once affectionately..

Crossroads and Intersections at Holy Week

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  April 14, 2022

My son recently completed a master’s degree in social work. As usually happens, he found my knowledge of social concepts lacking. So, we began to discuss the concept of..

Turkeys and Footballs

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  November 25, 2021

I never played football, but I did play the clarinet. Throughout high school, our Thanksgiving mornings included the “Big Game” with our cross-county rivals, the..

Reflections on Labor Day

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  September 02, 2021

When I was growing up, my mom always made a fuss over my dad when he came home from work on a pay day. My dad was very proud to be working full time and was vigorous..