About Rev. Rebecca S. King

Having served as pastor at Community UCC in Fort Seneca, Ohio for three and a half years, Rev. Becky King currently serves as the chaplain at Fairhaven Community in Upper Sandusky, Ohio and as the dean of chaplains at United Church Homes.

Recent Blog Posts

Whole-Person Care at the End of Life

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  November 15, 2018

I recently went to the doctor for an initial consultation. After the doctor entered the room and shook my hand, she did something which, to me, was amazing. She sat..

Worship for Those Living with Dementia Brings Abundant Life

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  August 02, 2018

Mr. Mason was actively involved in his church community. He attended worship and Bible study regularly. If there was an event at the church, Mr. Mason was there. He..

Say What? Neighborhood

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  May 24, 2018

I grew up in a rural neighborhood in Wayne County. It was the place where I rode my bicycle in the summer, took walks with my dogs and family and played with other..

Release as Spiritual Practice

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  March 15, 2018

Breathe in and give yourself a hug. Exhale and release your breath. Breathe in and raise your hands in the air above your head. Bring your hands down and release your..

The Spiritual Practice of Creativity

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  February 08, 2018

In her article Top 10 Spiritual Practices for Older Adults Living at Retirement or Long-Term Care Communities, Nancy Gordon notes, “For many, spirituality is the core of..

Intergenerational Christmas Pageant Fosters Abundant Life

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  December 14, 2017

It was a cold December during Advent. Members of the small, intergenerational congregation I had been called to serve a few months before that night began arriving at..

Intergenerational Interaction: A Blessing

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  November 16, 2017

This is the first blog in the November series highlighting topics related to Thanksgiving.