You Have Permission To...Ask For Help

By Kim Moeller  •  June 08, 2023

Today we kick off a new series on the theme, You Have Permission To…

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Meet You There

By Rev. Kristen Orion  •  May 26, 2022

I must admit that I thought Easter was a day for a long, long time. 


By Lisa Thomas  •  May 19, 2022

I have been to Bogota, Colombia three times. I went in February 1990, October 1993, and August 2009 but really, it all began, in 1988, when my husband and I decided to..

Step by Step

By Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald  •  May 12, 2022

One step at a time.

The Unexpected Journey

By Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.  •  May 05, 2022

It started out as a thought - an unspoken idea: “An inquiry into the meaning of the words, ‘Spiritual Healing’”.  It came out of my life as a psychologist where we..

Recognizing the Holy

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, VP of Engagement and director of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging  •  April 28, 2022

In this season of Easter—yes, it is a season, not just one day—there are many stories which detail the ways in which the early disciples and followers of Jesus made..

A Chipmunk Emergency

By Lisa Thomas  •  April 21, 2022

My name is Lisa Thomas and I am the newest blogger on the block. I’m so excited to be a part of this blogging team, and when Beth asked me to write for the week after..

Crossroads and Intersections at Holy Week

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  April 14, 2022

My son recently completed a master’s degree in social work. As usually happens, he found my knowledge of social concepts lacking. So, we began to discuss the concept of..

The Miraculous Art of Returning

By Rev. Kristen Orion  •  April 07, 2022

When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles..

Art That Moves Us... To Our Knees

By Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald  •  March 31, 2022

When I was young, I knew most of the nooks and crannies of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Our family attended a large, downtown church and sometimes on Sunday afternoons..