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United Church Homes occasionally welcomes guest bloggers to contribute to our community. Guest bloggers come from all walks of life. We are thankful for their contributions to the Abundant Aging blog.

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Growing Up with People Who are Growing Old

By Guest Blogger  •  January 03, 2019

I have been pleased to discover that we at United Church Homes have an honored tradition of having family members working together in some of our communities. Moreover,..

Coco, Death and Memory

By Guest Blogger  •  October 18, 2018

Disney/Pixar released Coco in theaters in 2017. While the vibrant colors and vivid images on the screen and beautiful and typical of Disney/Pixar works, the film’s..

National author and palliative care expert to headline Ohio healthcare symposium

By Guest Blogger  •  September 25, 2018

MARION, Ohio – September 25, 2018. More baby boomers are making plans to ensure quality of life in their golden years. That includes making choices about how they wish..

Abundance as Antidote to Depression

By Guest Blogger  •  June 28, 2018

A large portion of the nation’s older adults will face depression and loneliness, and despite common misperceptions, mental health conditions are not a normal part of..

In or Out? Giving Voice to LGBTQ Older Adults

By Guest Blogger  •  April 20, 2018

Movie Follows LGBTQ Older Adults Deciding Whether to Be Open About Their Sexualities COLUMBUS — As the total population of people age 65 and older increases throughout..

Giving Voice to LGBTQ Older Adults Conference

By Guest Blogger  •  March 12, 2018

Gen Silent conference set for April 14 COLUMBUS — Ohio groups advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) older adults are joining efforts for..

Wisdom Conversations: Clergy, Lay Leaders Combat Ageism in Retreat Day

By Guest Blogger  •  January 12, 2018

DUBLIN, Ohio (January 11, 2017) – Central Ohio clergy and lay people participated in the first Wisdom Conversations event sponsored by United Church Homes’ Ruth Frost..