About Rev. Beth Long-Higgins

Rev. Beth Long-Higgins is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, musician, fiber artist and mother of two adult children.

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This Moment in Time

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  August 20, 2020

There is a spiritual practice that helps us concentrate on what we have: the current moment. You can find references to this is in many different traditions. In the..

Making Room for Grief

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  July 30, 2020

2020 marks the first time in over 49 years that our family has not gathered on the shores of Lake Erie in New York State. My father began directing a family camp at..

Making Room for Singing

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  July 23, 2020

My home congregation has been experimenting with how to provide worship virtually these past months within the confines of the pandemic. We are a small church with..

Making Room for Change

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  June 18, 2020

Making Room We are beginning a series about making room. When COVID-19 upended our lives almost four months ago, we all had to move things, move ideas and move or change..

Easter Is About Hope

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  April 12, 2020

This Easter Sunday morning, as we emerge from another night’s rest, we will engage in the creative tension of things being similar and yet not the same. With Christians..

Pandemic Lessons

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  April 07, 2020

A week before Christmas seven years ago, my spouse, Dave, and I were both sick with a virus at the same time. It was the first time in 29 years of marriage that we had..

A Pandemic Lament

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  April 05, 2020

As we enter another month of the COVID-19 pandemic reaching our communities, I hear so many of us struggling with this suspended time. A time when nothing is ordinary. I..

Support for Individuals Residing in Senior Living Communities

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  March 24, 2020

During the past two weeks, those of us who provide services for older adults who live in or need the supports and services of senior living communities, have seen more..

Pastoral Pandemic Care with Independent Older Adults

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  March 22, 2020

During this pandemic, United Church Homes and the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging would like to support you in providing care to older members in your..