By Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.  •  December 02, 2021

At this time each year, we are invited into a trilogy of seasons:  the end of summer; the entrance of fall and the amazingly beautiful season of Advent.  It is as if God prepares us for the birth of the Christ Child with endings and new beginnings.  

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Harvesting Blessings

By Rev. Kristen Orion  •  August 12, 2021

The most profound blessings we will ever know meet us in the place of our deepest loss and inspire us to choose to live again.                        Jan Richardson,..

Rooted in Love

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, Executive Director of The Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging  •  August 05, 2021

I spent some time with my sister, our mom, and her two cousins recently. We went to visit the town that was home to multiple generations of my mothers’ extended family...

Rooted in Love

By Rev. John Gantt  •  July 29, 2021

The Root of the Matter Gardening is not my forte. I have the flower beds to prove it. Only one in ten of the 42 plants, roots, and bulbs I put in the ground this spring..

Rooted in Divine Love

By Rev. Catherine Lawrence  •  July 22, 2021

Creation Scripture begins with beautiful imagery of the divine formation of creation. Psalm 24:1 reminds us: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world,..

Rooted in Love

By Rev. Ruth Fitzgerald  •  July 15, 2021

Three common words-- Rooted in love. Three words of scripture-- Rooted in love. Three words.

Rooted in Love

By Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.  •  July 08, 2021

Sometimes words strike us with a special force and penetrate our spirit with their  “rightness”.  They don’t have to be complicated or powerful.  They don’t have to..

A Blossoming of Hope

By Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.  •  July 01, 2021

In the last five years, death became the center of my life.  Uninvited and not sought, this intruder entered my life space and appeared to have a permanent plan of..

Blossoming Hope: Hope Endures

By Rev. Ruth Fitzgerald  •  June 24, 2021

“Hope” is the thing with feathers— That perches in the soul— And sings the tune without the words— And never stops—at all—                                      Emily..

Blossoming Hope: Persistent Gardeners

By Rev. John Gantt  •  June 17, 2021

We couldn’t help ourselves! When we practiced the anthem, we giggled. Valleys and corn stalks laughing, clapping and singing? You can listen to that portion of the..