Walk On

By Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald  •  March 16, 2023

Over the past year or so I’ve been in a time of discernment. It has been my experience that these times of anticipating transition or finding a new path in life are not easy times; they are times full of ambivalence and feeling unsettled and even grief. They are also times of hope and eagerness.

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Cheez Whiz: A Story

By Lisa Thomas  •  November 10, 2022

If you would come to my house to spend a night, a week or a month, you would hear me say, “While you are here, this is your home. Feel free to use what you need and..

Civility and Citizenship

By Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald  •  November 03, 2022

Beth Long-Higgins began this series by contrasting the ways members of her family expressed their citizenship and reminded us that, even in their differences, they held..

Two Doctors and a Dentist

By Rev. John Gantt  •  October 27, 2022

The doctor vented about Medicare, price control, undeserved give aways, and government in general while he examined us. It was our first – and last – visit.

Citizenship & Civility

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, VP of Engagement and director of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging  •  October 20, 2022

Our understanding of what it means to be a citizen is formed by many factors. Family can help influence how a person sees their relationship with their country. So can..

Grace Through Technology

By Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald  •  October 13, 2022

The dictionary defines “technology” like this:

The Decade to Come

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, VP of Engagement and director of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging  •  October 06, 2022

“This experience cannot be as significant for people who are in their 20’s as it is for me.” This was the statement of a classmate during a small group conversation in..

Becoming a modest "techie" in my 90's!

By Rev. Dr. Bobbie McKay  •  September 29, 2022

I used to think that mastering the typewriter was a major accomplishment! I had an interest in learning how to type when I was in 4th grade. Gratefully the local..

Technology & Creation's Majesty

By Rev. John Gantt  •  September 22, 2022

When my new primary physician sought an answer to my question about a new medication, it took her only 45 seconds to find an explanation.

Selfies with the Dalai Lama

By Lisa Thomas  •  September 15, 2022

“If you’d come today, you could have reached a whole nation, Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication.” Jesus Christ Superstar Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber