By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  March 04, 2021

For years, I longed for a child. Due to health concerns, I was unable to have a baby for years - yet, I remained hopeful that one day a child would enter my life. I held close to my heart the potential name I had chosen for a daughter for seven years. Through times of challenge and celebration, the name was etched in my mind. To my joy, I did become a mother, and I gave my daughter the name I had chosen for her so long ago. My daughter knows this story well - she is aware that her name is..

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2020 Is Hindsight

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  December 31, 2020

If there was a year when the whole world was ready to put up a new calendar, this is it. We have all experienced the fear of a virus more contagious than ever seen..

Ornaments of a Journey

By Rev. Kenneth Daniel  •  December 24, 2020

One of the highlights of Advent is decorating our family Christmas tree. We get the boxes out of the attic and carry them down with care. There are two huge boxes with..

Potholes and Detours

By Rev. John Gantt  •  December 17, 2020

It is the 13,959th word in the Tale of Melibee. Some call it the longest, most boring of all the Canterbury Tales.  After scanning 25 pages to find the word “contempt,”..

One Whose Name Is “God With Us”

By Rev. Beth Long-Higgins  •  December 10, 2020

It is fitting that the scriptural lessons at the beginning of Advent are about gloom and doom. Prophecies about the need for change usually fall at this time of year as..

Advent Hope

By Rev. Ruth Fitzgerald  •  December 03, 2020

The calendar page turns to December. The tiny lights are twinkling in my neighborhood, Christmas carols are on the radio, and my heart yearns for the preparations of..

To Life!

By Rev. Catherine Lawrence  •  November 26, 2020

Our lives have been radically altered this year as we reflect upon gratitude and prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Community spreading of the coronavirus and..

Gratitude: The Only Way Out Is Through

By Rev. Ruth Fitzgerald  •  November 19, 2020

November. Finally, it is post-election day. There’s a breath of Indian Summer in the air this week in Michigan, and my heart is lighter. I’ve made conscientious efforts..

Muse and Musician Celebrate Gratitude

By Rev. John Gantt  •  November 13, 2020

So many ways to say thank you — a hug, a kiss, a handshake, a touch on the arm. Too personal, however, until this time of waiting out a pandemic ends.

Gratitude During Election Season

By Rev. Rebecca S. King  •  November 06, 2020

Learning at a young age that my voice matters, I have been voting in elections since I was eighteen years old. Last night, I logged onto a website to track my absentee..